In most households, an extension cord is a necessity. There are several factors to consider while purchasing one. The most significant one is price and whether it is extremely durable. Prolonged longevity of a retractable extension cord price means saving money which you would use to buy a new extension cord reel. Quality and price go hand in hand. Most people will look forwards to purchasing an extension cord reel that is affordable and whose materials are quality. The cost of a retractable extension cord reel could vary depending on the features, size, model, and other factors. This article aims to educate you on what impacts retractable extension cord reel price.

1. Price based on size

There are several extension cord reel in the market at different prices. Each cord reel has different lengths and AWG. The different lengths can include 20ft, 40ft, 45ft, 50ft, and 60ft. The extension cord reel can also operate under different amperes, such as 15 amps, 14 amps, and 13 amps. The difference in length and gauge affects the prices. For example, a 50+ 4.5ft/14AWG/3c goes for $94.99 while a 50+4.5ft/14AWG/3c goes for $ 90.24.

2. Discount rate available

Companies put discount rates for the prices of their products to entice more customers. To customers, a discount rate means buying the product at a lower cost, therefore, saving money. Some companies offer up to 5% discount on their products. For example, the original price of a retractable extension cord reel 50+ 4.5ft/14AWG/3c goes for $99.99, but due to the 5% discount, you can purchase it at $94.99, saving yourself %5.

3. Quality of materials used

The quality of materials affects the price of an extension cord reel. Heavy-duty plastics are more durable than light-duty material. The heavy-duty material will give you more service in terms of more years to use it than light duty.

In the long run, buying a product whose materials are more durable will save you more money and time for repairs or purchasing a new one. Therefore a cord reel made from heavy-duty materials will be expensive by only a tiny amount. But in the long run, it is cheaper than the cord reel made of light materials.

4. Popularity

The retractable extension cord reel is very popular nowadays. Generally, there is something known as the law of demand. The law of demand states that increased prices of a good lead to a decreased demand, which is when all factors are constant. Therefore since the retractable extension cord reel is very popular, its price is very favorable. A retractable extension cord reel ranges between $94.99 and $ 90.99, depending on the length and the AWG.

5. Additional cost

When buying a cord reel, you might encounter some extra costs such as the running cost, delivery cost, and installation cost. The running cost means the cost of operating the cord reel. If you are using electricity, there will be an additional cost on the amount of power you will use. The delivery cost depends on the shipping policy of the company you are purchasing the cord reel. Some companies offer free shipping, while others provide shipping services at a particular cost. The installation cost is easy to ignore since you can do it yourself.


Cheap is expensive. Going for cheaper products can cost you too much money in the long run in terms of maintenance cost. It is better to go for a highly durable retractable cord reel at a favorable price.


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