Giraffe hose reel is one of the best hose reel brands because of the quality of its products and the prices. The company runs incredible promotions throughout the year. Therefore, you can improve the aesthetics of your yard with the best hose reel at reasonable prices. This write-up focuses on hose reel design elements that you should consider when shopping.

Defining characteristics for hose reels

Below are some significant hose reel design elements that influence the way a hose reel is defined;

1. Mounting method

The mounting technique refers to the method and position where the hose reel is installed. When companies create product descriptions for their hose reels, one of the first things they describe is the mounting method. There are five main mounting methods for hose reels. The techniques are:

  • Ceiling mounting– where the hose reels are installed on the ceiling. This method saves a lot of floor and wall space and provides easy access to the hose. It is popular in auto and welding businesses.
  • Wall mounting– where the hose reel is installed on a wall. It is common in the hose and general hose applications. This technique also saves floor space.
  • Post mounting– where the hose reel is mounted on a post. It can either the hinged to allow for different angling or fixed in place. It is popular in car wash hose reels.
  • Free-standing– where the hose reel is permanently mounted close to its application area. Hose reels that use this mounting technique are usually strong and made from the best materials, like aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Mobile mounting- where the hose reel is mounted on a moving device like a cart, trailer, or truck. This technique is mostly applied for emergency hose reels like firefighting reels. The method allows for the use of the hose reel in a wide range of locations.

2. Retraction method

Other than the mounting method, the retraction technique is also a significant identifying factor for hose reels. It defines the way the hose reel works. It also significantly influences its benefits. The two main retraction methods for hose reels are:

  • Manual retraction– where physical effort is required to rewind the hose to the reel after application. Most manually retracted hose reels use a hand crank. The hand crank unwinds the hose when moving in one direction and rewinds it when moved in the opposite direction.
  • Automatic retraction– where no physical effort is required to rewind the hose to the reel. They are usually either spring, motor, or battery-driven. Spring and battery-driven retractable hoses can be used anywhere as they do not need a power source. Note that automatically retracted hose reels are also known as retractable hose reels.

3. Functionality

Another design element for hose reels is their functionality. This refers to the way the hose reels work. Naturally, the hose reel’s performance is influenced by its construction. It can also be influenced by the elements mentioned above (retraction and mounting method).


The elements mentioned above do not only impact the hose reel design but also its performance. They also play a significant role in the categorization of the hose reel and its price.


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