Car washing is one aspect of vehicle maintenance that is often taken for granted. To preserve the beauty of your car, you must wash it regularly. Get your perfect hose and hose reels with a 2 year warranty to make this job easier.

There is a saying that a clean car is a safe car. As a car owner, you are responsible for the health and wellbeing of your car. Therefore you should endeavor to give it the care it needs and that includes washing it regularly.

You wouldn’t want to risk your investment simply because you are either too lazy or too busy to give your car a nice wash from time to time.

Disadvantages of Keeping a Dirty Car

Here is what happens when you don’t clean your car as often as you should

1. It accumulates dirt and gunk

If you keep putting off car wash for other chores all the time, you risk losing that car sparkle you love so much. Whenever you notice gunk or dirt on your car, you should wash it off the first chance you get.

If you don’t, that dirt will soon get stuck on the exterior making it extremely hard to get rid of them. Worst still, this gunk and dirt can retain moisture. Moisture on your car parts wouldn’t be such a good idea because they react with air to form rust.

2. It causes the car paint to scratch

It is common knowledge that car paint protects the interior from several kinds of damages. As a car owner, if you are interested in prolonging the lifespan of your car, you should pay more attention to the paintwork.

Even the highest quality and most expensive car paint will lose its spark if you fail to take proper care of it. When you fail to wash your car regularly, dirt will soon start to pile up around the margins and car doors. The wind will blow small particles of dirt over the car’s surface.

When this occurs constantly, the force with which the wind blows will cause these little particles to scratch the car’s paintwork.

3. It ruins a car finishings

Other than paint, wax is also used in the maintenance of a car exterior. Most cars produced today are made with a metal base. What this means is that they are all likely to be damaged by dirt and even the wind.

If a car finishing fades off, the interior is at risk too. This is another reason why proper attention should be paid to car finishing.


Prevention is always better than cure. Although washing a car sometimes requires a bit of your time, patience, and energy, it is worth it in the end. Failure to wash your car will lead to wear and tear and subsequently a total breakdown of the system.

So why not take the cheap and easy step today instead of waiting for your car to break down. If your car breakdown, you spend twice or thrice of what you would have spent if you had just given the car a good wash.


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