As a gardener or homeowner, you might get frustrated by a kinked or tangled garden hose. That is because it can interrupt the flow of water. You might find the best solution with newer technology in the name of metal garden hoses. These types of hoses are designed to prevent tangles and kinks. The following are some of the things you need to know about these hoses.

Kink Proof

You might have heard of kink-free hoses but yet to see one. Maybe you have tried different plastic and rubber hoses, but you cannot find one that does not kink. Fortunately, metal garden hoses do not kink.


You can easily cut a rubber hose. However, you cannot cut the metal hose. If you have touched a rubber hose at midday, you can agree that it can get very hot. The good thing about a metal hose is that it does not get hot even when you left it outdoors. In addition, your rubber or plastic hose can easily become tangled and kinked when not in use. Since metal is rigid, it helps prevent this problem. Also, your metal hose can handle more wear and tear.


Most metal garden hoses available on the market are made of 304 stainless steel. This material is non-magnetic and contains a lot of iron. You will find this material used in the manufacture of kitchen equipment, refrigerators, and piping. This material makes the most durable hoses you can find. Ideally, the garden hose made of this material is nearly indestructible. For instance, it is immune to the normal wear and tear of the traditional water hose. This does not mean you subject your hose to intentional mishandling.


The truth is that a metal garden hose is more expensive than a traditional garden hose. You should note that the cost is higher because of the quality. Therefore, if you are looking for a garden hose that can withstand UV damage, terrain, pets, and young children, then you should get a metal one.

UV Resistant

The metal garden hose does not allow ultraviolet rays to penetrate through. Remember that UV rays are beneficial as they kill microorganisms in water. However, when UV hits the rubber garden, it makes it break down. You should note that most materials become susceptible to UV rays when exposed for an extended period.


Like any other garden hose, you need fittings for the metal hose. You can now find both male and female adaptors that can easily fit a standard size. For metal garden hoses, make sure you consider brass or stainless steel couplings. Brass fittings are popular because they are the most durable and can easily extend the lifespan of your hose. You can also find plastic hose couplings, but these require regular replacement.

If you are looking for the toughest garden hose you can think of; then you should consider the metal hose. Some of the hoses contain chromium and nickel that offer the corrosion-resistant capability. It is advisable to drain the water from your hose after use. That is because water left in the hose can freeze and expand to cause damage.


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