In the wig industry, colors are extremely important to attract customers continuously. That is why we have the orange wig, blonde wig, pink wig, and many other colors. However, the major types of wigs manufactured are in the standard colors – black and brown. However, your hair is an essential part of your face, and as such, you must try to make it look as good as possible. If you feel colors will make you look better, no one will stop you. One color amongst wigs and people with their natural hair is the orange color. An orange wig has a way of making you look confident, brave, and energetic. It’s a great color, but it is not the natural wig color you will expect.

In most cases, to get an orange wig means the manufacturer has gone through the rigorous process of dying the wig in that color. With the manufacturing process, the dye will last as long as possible and will take time before it is removed. Another way to get an orange wig is to dye your orange wig yourself into the desired color. However, for this process, it is always better to give it to an expert, or you do it by yourself- carefully following the steps and using quality products. It is one thing to dye your wig into the orange color; it is another to have that color last for as long as possible. Your dyed wig can’t last forever, but with the proper process, it will last for long. Let’s take a look at some factors that affect how the wig will die and how long it will last.

Original color of the wig

When you want to dye a wig, you have to understand color conditions. As much as possible, you must ensure that you are changing the wig from a lighter shade to a darker one. You can’t try to dye a burgundy wig to an orange wig. You will only spoil the wig. But dying a highlight wig to orange, for instance, is a great deal.

Thickness of hair

The thickness of the hair you are trying to dye will have a significant effect on the way it will absorb dye. If the wig is already very thick, the only way you can get to dye it correctly is if you use a lot of shade. That’s because the thick strands inside the hair will absorb the dye first before it spreads.

Hair Dryness

When a hair is dry, it will take in the dye faster. But the result at the end may not be what you had in mind. But the oily ones, on the other hand, will take more time to absorb the color, but when it does, you’re sure that the color will stick. However, if the hair is too oily, it may not absorb the color.

Your wigs porosity

Porosity in wigs is when your wig absorbs moisture like liquid like water and dye. The more porous it is, the faster it absorbs the dye, but it may not give the result.


The dying process of your wig and the dying products you choose to affect the majority of the dying result. But some other factors that affect have been discussed in this guide


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