Piercings have been a center of attraction among every gender mainly because of their unique charm and attraction. However, some piercings are designed for increasing sexual aesthetics and are called the Christina piercing. They tend to add beauty to the women’s genital area not to mention adding excitement during sexual intercourse.

How to Make the Most out of Your Christina Piercing Jewellery?

The Christina piercing got its name from the first woman named Christina who has received her first vaginal piercing. The Christina piercing is also known as Venus piercing and got its name because of the placement location of piercing called mons Venus. becoming famous day by day. The piercing is quite similar to most surface piercings and does not include piercing of genital areas. Usually, the pain is quite slight but it mostly varies from person to person.

Christina Piercing Jewellery – Choose the One that Pleases You

Based on personal preferences, different Christina piercing pieces of jewelry are available. The most common piercing types include L-bar, curved, and straight barbells. Apart from that, these venus piercings can facilitate customization keeping in view the sexual aesthetics and ease of use. Titanium-coated venus floral piercing is one of the many jewelry styles that you can find in different stores.

A Sensual Gift for Your Significant Other

If your partner has a thing for piercings, you can prepare an exciting surprise for him/her. It could be your relationship anniversary or something worth celebrating to gift your significant other with a sensual gift. However, you will have to plan it way ahead as the piercing process takes 6-9 months and is sometimes more dependent on female anatomy to completely heal. After that, you can enjoy all the sensual endeavors the way you and your partner like.

A Word of Caution!

The suitability of Venus piercing is based on the anatomy and can readily be done to women having a sufficient amount of pliable tissue. Besides that, Venus piercing has a high rejection rate which means that your piercing specialist needs to be extra careful to look for sufficient surface tissue to pierce successfully. It also means that you should find yourself a good and reliable piercing specialist having an eye for your anatomy to avoid any infections from piercing. Also, if you’d prefer missionary intercourse, the Christina piercing might not the safest bet for you. It is because it will have an extended area that would cause discomfort.

Final Verdict

The Christina piercings are a great tool for sexual simulation and bedroom romance. They are available in a wide variety of styles with massive customization based on your taste and preference. It can also be a perfect gift for your partner who prefers piercing. However, venus piercing takes some time to completely heal after which you can completely enjoy the most of your sexual endeavors. Besides the excitement, you should practice caution in choosing a piercing specialist. The specialist should be an expert in genital anatomy and should also practice caution to avoid any infections during piercing.


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