Lug nuts are wheel fasteners that attach the wheel to the hub. They vary in shape and size depending upon the applications. Chrome-plated steel lug nuts are most common. But, titanium lug nuts 12×1.5 are also a good alternative for aftermarket wheels and sports cars.

The versatility of aftermarket wheel packages led to the manufacturing of different lug nuts. Let’s take a look at the most common types of lug nuts.

Mag Seat

Most people don’t agree with the name and the appearance of the nuts. But since these lug nuts are made from magnesium, the terminology somehow fits in.

Mag seat lug nuts come in different sizes, and the flat washer seats also come with them. The flatness of the washer allows them to fit conveniently on any wheels. If your package doesn’t include any washers, any flat seat one will work. However, there is always room for preference. Mag seat lug nuts ruled the automobile industry when aluminium wheels first came out. However, they aren’t so common now.

Conical Seat

As the name specifies, these lug nuts have a cone-shaped seat. Also called acorn nuts, the most common lug nuts for aftermarket wheel packages. Like other lug nuts, they come in open, closed, long and short cap styles. Therefore, before purchasing one, you must know the exact capsize.

Note that many lug nuts are only meant for aftermarket use. And they don’t fit for factory wheels. However, if you are looking for factory installation, buying the perfect fit may require some digging around.

Spherical Seat

Spherical lug nuts go by many names. Ultimately, making the differentiation hard. The top of the nuts looks almost like the conical ones. But, it’s the seat that’s differentiating.

Many European cars use these lug nuts. They go by different names like ball seat lugs and wheel nuts. However, they resemble conical lug nuts but don’t require identical installation washers.

Flat Seat

Flat seat lug nuts are easy to pinpoint due to their flat seats. But, this utter flatness poses some challenges during installation. Getting the right amount of force to secure them requires some knowledge on the mechanic’s side.

The built-in washers make the installation relatively easier. The threaded version of flat seat lug nuts isn’t common for cars. However, it is a good installation option for semi-trucks.

Extended Seat

The extended or the ET lug defines their class thanks to their thread length. Extended lug nuts are good when you need more thread engagement. Moreover, they don’t require extreme torque for installation. You can secure them with minimal force.

Reduced installation efforts and twice the gripping power makes it a top choice for many users. But, they don’t always make an ideal solution. You need to be aware of the project needs before buying a pack. Commonly, they come in 20 unit packs, each having a thread of 12mm x 1.5.

Final Words

Aftermarket wheel installations require special fasteners because the stock nuts don’t work ideally. Wobbly wheels are prone to falling out during a drive, ultimately risking lives and damaging vehicles. Hence, knowing different kinds and sizes and their model use is essential for making a safe pick.


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